• amelia mendez

    amelia mendez

    a bikelover, archi-snob, LEED AP, sci-fi geek, ATLien, Interaction Designer at Autodesk, but mostly... a fan of mayhem.

  • Kelsey Sullivan

    Kelsey Sullivan

  • Elena Borisova

    Elena Borisova

    Product, data, decision-making, philosophy| Learning from everything that went wrong | Digital Product Designer | elenaborisova.com

  • Dmitry Brant

    Dmitry Brant

  • Derek Boman

    Derek Boman

    Product Design Leader // Runner, reader, husband, father // Based in SLC, UT

  • P Monteiro Barros

    P Monteiro Barros

  • phi tran

    phi tran

    making the edibles, readables, and visuals: http://www.princesstofu.com/

  • Alolita Sharma

    Alolita Sharma

    Engineering Leader, Open Source, Observability, Search, i18n, NLP. Work at AWS. Board Director at Unicode Consortium. OpenTelemetry Governance Committee member.

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