Motivations & realities on the journey from lead to manager

I’ve been managing designers, design managers, and design teams for more than 10 years now. Unlike many people in my field moving into management was a purposeful and intentional decision. Many things make being a design manager an amazing and rewarding experience. The ability to see across many portfolios and…

How to optimize your time (and calendar!) to be happier & more effective at work

Work is never-ending, there will always be more work, the second your finish one meeting, project, or task, there will be another waiting, and if there isn’t you’ll find one or make one up.

It took me years to get to where I am now with calendar management, and it’s…


Self-assessments & promo statements that get results for you and your team.

Why write self-assessments at all?

For many people, writing a self-assessment is part of their reoccurring performance review process, but did anyone ever actually teach you how to do it? Writing about your own accomplishments can be difficult for a multitude of reasons. You don’t remember all the things you did, you don’t know what…

Jared Zimmerman

Design Leader · Photographer · RISD Alumni ·

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